Photography Sales Partnership

Turn your walls into galleries and make profits whille helping your favorite charity.  We are excited to offer our Photos for Love Program.  Turn your restaurant, coffee shop, or office into a beautiful art gallery where your photographs can change with the season.  From Yosemite to Saigon and from flowers to canyons you can choose from thousands of images to suit your tastes and design.

How it works.

Apply for our Photos for Love Program.  Once accepted, you can choose any series of photographs from our galleries.  Purchase the photographs at cost and put them in any frame of your choosing.  We will provide you with gallery placards with photo descriptions and pricing.  Then choose your favorite charity to donate a percentage of the profits to.  When a picture sells simply order another.  That's all!!!

Why you should join?

  • You make money!
  • Help your favorite Charity!!!
  • Low-cost to decorate your business.
  • Cover your businesses' walls with beautiful photography!
  • Have your decor change with the Seasons!

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