Pacific Coast Highway Photography

Regardless of the time of year, the Pacific Coast Highway will enchant you.  Ominous sea stacks stand strong along the wind-swept shores in the Northwest, while the the California coast will dazzle you with it’s never-ending variety in what a psychologist might diagnose as the most perfect case of multiple personality disorder.   It is a place where America’s greatest rivers exert their will and clash head-strong into the mighty Pacific, delivering the corpses of ancient trees in what is best described as mass graves, all along the beaches.  This is a story about my most magical journey.

Devil's Churn OregonDevil’s Churn is a perfect name for the most violent 200-yards of water I have seen on the entire coast.  This V-shaped cove channels 7000 miles of open ocean into a space 30-yards wide.  Massive eruptions of salt water spray into the air only to be followed by a gorgeous waterfall seconds later.

This picture is the result of a happy accident.  I knew the sunset was going to be great, but I had no idea what was close.  We were hoping for sea stacks, but found this instead as we were wiping around the corner and spotted with enough time to slam on our brakes.

What we didn’t know is our luck at Devil’s Churn was harbinger to a photographic journey of immeasurable beauty the likes of which I could never have contemplated… until now.

Just south of Florence, Oregon an entire hill side blooms in bright yellow.  Everywhere we looked all we could see is gold against a sapphire-blue sky.

Bushes bloon with yellow flowers along the Oregon Coast

More yellow flowers sprout up along the aqua waters near the California and Oregon line.

Yellow flowers sprout up along the coast in Oregon.

Lupine flourishes in the mid-May sun.

Lupine grows along the Coast in Oregon

Lupine near Gold Beach.

Lupine and sea stacks in Oregon.

Pine trees frame Arch Rock.

Arch Rock in California

Mexican Poppies leap towards the sun.

Mexican Poppies

Just north of Bodega Bay.

Bodega Bay Flowers

Purple flowers in beach grass.

Point Reyes covered in yellow flowers.

Point Reyes Flowers

Point Reyes Red Flower

Stinson Beach just north of San Francisco.

Stinson Beach

Northern California Sea Stacks and Flowers

Point Arena Flowers

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