Grand Teton Photography

I have traveled the World and have yet to come across a place which matches the grandeur, beauty, and is a flush with both flora and fauna as the Grand Tetons.  The Tetons and I have met twice before.  Both times in the fall.  Autumn is unquestionably gorgeous… Aspen leaves shimmering with crisp winds as the wildlife and Nature prepare for the brutal winter before them.

This time was very different.  I am here in the mid July’s wild flower season and during a full moon.  Ever since coming to the Tetons three years ago, I have envisioned, but could only dream about what a full moon would bring to such a perfect place.  The great news is, my dream came true.

Teton with a full moon stting behind them as it reflects off of Jackson Lake.

Moulton Barn in Grand Teton National Park

Mt. Moran reflects off of the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park

Wildflowers bloom all over Grand Teton National Park

Wild flowers bloom along Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park

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